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This is the home for United Network, Clitheroe, Lancashire.

All houses have a front door to get in. So as we invite you into our home, this is the front door (living room to the left where you’ll find ideas and inspiration ). You’ll find here the dates of our next get togethers (below…and we will update them too so nice and easy to find.)

I’ve put details when you can see me (Andy Gray) but we get up to all sorts of things. Regular coffees at all sorts of times, men and women in different places. Blokes go off to the cinema…the ladies have been to see a show together in Manchester. Families get together…we support one another. We’re really like a big family, where everyone is welcome. A community…a place for all ages. If we are a church, we are a church shaped by the people.

We will even buy you a coffee.

If you want to know more, call Andy on 07990573772.


If you haven’t been before, or just curious what we do and who we are, then please check out the about page. You can always get in touch with us to find out more too.

Sundays we eat together, have fun together, and work out what it means to be a community with Jesus at the centre of who we are.

Dates of our next get-togethers (and all ages are welcome).

Find out here what we do on our Sundays where the gathering…er…gathers!

Where When
Atrium coffee shop
(Clitheroe castle)
still to be finalised
other times you could see us… in the coffee shops drinking coffee

In the pub, drinking wine and maybe reading a bible

Drawing something, sat drinking coffee…or maybe wine

In the school playground

Cycling with the bike club

In the Rotary club

Bible night once every couple of weeks.

 But then we get together in soooo many other places now as well.  And you can just contact us for a coffee…or tea.  Yeah, ok, so there’s a lot of coffee shop visits!  There are a lot of coffee shops in Clitheroe to visit.  And of course, we’ll pay!

If you want to know more, then please get in touch.


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