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So, how old is Jesus?

It looks like it should be an easy answer.  Whatever the year is…surely?  So in 2013, he is 2013 years old, right?


The calendar we use almost world wide today is based on a calendar worked out in AD525.  They worked out from church history as to when they thought Jesus was born, and worked backwards (or forwards) from there.  It’s called the Gregorian calendar.

However, later clever folks worked out that they had gotten the date of Jesus’ birth wrong, and the chances are that he was born in 4BC.  er…yeah.  That means he was born 4 years earlier than the date of the calendar which was worked out based on the date he was born on.


Thing is, that’s not actually how old Jesus is.  Jesus was born on roughly around that date, but that doesn’t mean that’s how old he is.

When Jesus was born, it is called the incarnation.  The incarnation is when God became a human being…at the same time as being God.

Birthday cake how old is Jesus

How old is Jesus

Now we normal folks count our start date as the moment we are born, because we aren’t alive until then outside of our mums.  If you want to take it a bit further, then we can easily say that we are alive about 9 months before we are born when we are growing inside our mums.  But that’s about it.

But if Jesus is God, then he has been around since God has. He is part of the trinity  Which would be the start of all things!  Because God created the universe.

Ok…so what about when he died?  Was he really dead?

Yes, he really died when he was crucified.  But by God’s power he was brought back to life again after 3 days.  Which proves that eternal life is real.  And if he was brought back to life…and part of God, then the answer to ‘how old is Jesus’ is this:

As old as God is….which is eternal.

How old is Jesus?  Forever!