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Moses after his encounter with God went away and instead of being the man who ran, he becomes the man who turns around, after 40 years goes back to the palace and acts for God.  He makes a decision.  And actually God sends his brother with him (that’s Moses brother, not God’s…obviously, God doesn’t have a brother).  he has had his kairos moment with God, and with that experience he turns around.  When we have come up with what God wants us to do about a situation we then need to do something about it.  its good to tell someone what you are going to do so that you can be accountable to them.  Accountable does not mean that they are in charge of you.  Rather it means that you tell them what you are going to do, then then they will ask you if you have done it…but they have no authority to compel you.  It means they will cheer you on.  it means that you know they will ask you how you are doing.  So when you decide to do something in response to the Kairos moment, you will do it.  You will become the man or woman of action!  Action man (all rubber grippy hands and so on…..)