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When we started this series two weeks ago nearly, I said that Moses had a vision to free God’s people from slavery.  Well he did it…it took 40 years! (patience and waiting for God to move is the next series!).  Lets look at what we got.  I asked, how does God speak? He gets your attention.  How do you know it is God’s voice…its not that weird either to think that God speaks to us.  But you have to listen closely to what he is saying, and he might be speaking in the natural not just supernatural way of things…and even the natural can be holy ground.  Its a God moment, a kairos moment.  What do you do?  Change your thinking and move forward.  But sometimes we can be reluctant to do so, but we still need to.  And then what happens?  Well we become more awesome as we are transformed by faith and obedience into the image of God!  Wow…so what did that mean for Moses?  Well he fulfilled the vision that he had from God to free his people from slavery.  Do you have dreams…ambitions?  Do you have a vision from God which becomes a sense that it is your duty to do something about it…an urgency of God to act?  Don’t dismiss it…weigh it.  Because it may just be the voice of God speaking into your life.  And there is nothing like a fulfilled vision to have a fulfilled life. Or as Jesus put it, live life in all its fullness.