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So I said yesterday that you have a change of heart after God speaks, and then go into action having decided what God is saying and what you have decided to do.  But…reluctant obedience…but it isn’t always that simple, is it?  If I go and tell my kids to go clear their room they don’t always do it.  Then they do…reluctantly.  We don’t change, sometimes the hardest thing to do, or even the thing that makes us most fearful, is exactly the thing that we have to do.  Moses did NOT go skipping after his destiny all excited to go and talk to Pharoah. He came up with a bunch of excuses including he couldn’t talk proper like…and God headed him off at each one.  He went reluctantly. Don’t expect it to be easy to follow what God says.  But if you truly have signed up to follow Jesus and be obedient, then obedient is what you have to be. Now I am not saying that you have to jump at everything.  That way can lead to trouble.  But if you have chatted with a trusted Christian friend and got some wisdom and decided on the next course of action, then go for it…reluctantly or not.  And let us encourage and walk with each other.  Why did Moses’ brother tag along?  Because Moses said he was rubbish at talking, so God sent Aaron his brother along.  God would tell moses what to say and do…then Moses would tell Aaron what needed to be said.  Aaron would do the saying.  Moses would do the acting.  What does God want you to do…do you want to stop and have a coffee with someone?  (if you are reading this on whatsapp…who would be willing right now to offer a listening ear to the others?)