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Not everyone ‘gets’ church.  Church can be a strange place to be in.  People sit in straight lines, sometimes to stand up to sing songs.  Sometimes those songs are good, and its not all that weird sitting in straight lines – after all, you sing along at rock concerts…and even sit in straight lines!  But Church is more than just singing songs, or sitting in straight lines.

It’s about ideas.  Not just ideas that are whims, or guesses, or fantasies, but ideas that change the world. (if you are wondering why I am talking about church, read this)

Ideas that change people.

A better word would, perhaps, be inspiration

It’s also why at our United Network gatherings we aim to inspire one another. Why, when we meet together over a coffee  in just twos and threes, we encourage one another.

And we don’t sit in straight lines.

We want to change the world (but we’ll start with one another an our own community), and be changed by the right kinds of inspirations.

The growing links below are to help and inspire you, and if you live locally, why not see if you can join us for coffee and chat about what you see here?