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Join Us For Coffee?

Join us for coffee?

Can I buy you a coffee? (seriously!)

In our town of Clitheroe we have many things to be proud of, including the many coffee shops!

Coffee (or any other drink for that matter…’) seems to be a common theme for what we do as a group, and we’d like to invite you.  We’ll pay and just because many of us are Christians doesn’t mean we will bash you over the head with a Bible as you slurp your latte!

Text Andy on 07990 57 3772 to find out more

On the home page you’ll always find our published times and dates when anyone can just turn up, but we get together at other times too.  Often over coffee…in the different coffee houses around the town, depending on what we fancy.  Often just two or three people getting together.  Informally, talking about life, and helping one another when we can.

We take each other as we are, and accept one another for who we are.  We let each other ‘get stuff off our chest’ without criticism.

So if you’d like to join us, or even just meet a couple of us, check out the about page so you know what we do, then get in touch and we’ll sort out a time to meet up.

Oh, and we’ll pick up the bill.

In the meantime, why not check out some of the ideas to make you think on the inspirations page or follow us on facebook.